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CNS is a professional IT Service provider which officially began trading in 2010. With over 6 years experience of building, maintaining and repairing Computers; our team is well equipped to help you. In addition we have Cisco certified engineers who can help you with the setup of your home or office networks.

Here at CNS we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly, helpful and professional service. We also like to be as transparent as possible, which is why, unlike other companies, you will find a full price list on the services we offer with absolutely no hidden charges.

All of our Computer builds are guaranteed for at least 1 year.

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Did you know that almost everything inside your PC can be recycled? Be a greener person and take advantage of ourĀ FREE RECYCLING SERVICE.

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Sat - Sun 10am - 8pm

Telephone Numbers

01256 471238 - 07889 369251

The CNS Team cover over a 20 mile radius


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